This is the introductory episode where we start with our origin story, where we first came up with our ideas for parenting our kids in a radically different way. We will talk about our goals both for parenting and for this podcast.

We are both certified school teachers, but we largely identify with the term “unschooling” now because that’s our approach based on what feels comfortable with us right now.

Sir Ken Robinson, School Kills Creativity video on YouTube

SurfWise Documentary is on Netflix!

At one point, we considered starting a self-directed learning school, but instead, we decided to forgo the burdensome regulations and work as camp counselors at a summer camp. Summer camp showed us a lot of beautiful things in self-directed learning and opened up a lot of opportunities for us.

One thing we were missing in all of this was a community. We looked more seriously at an idea we had heard about for years in the Free State Project, a migratory movement to bring liberty-minded people to New Hampshire.

We decided to co-parent and each works part time and parent part time doing various business ideas to see what was financially viable for us while allowing us to parent the way we felt we needed to.

Please keep in mind that the things we talk about here may not work for you. These are things we didn’t always believe ourselves and didn’t always do ourselves, so we get it. We are not trying to be judgemental. We are no better than you just because we do things differently. This podcast is not about how to be the best parents by statistics, but how we become better parents for us. This is about how we can all be on this really tough journey together and become the best parents possible.

Looking at these ideas and making these changes can be very scary at times. Sometimes it’s scary because it is wrong for you. Other times it is just scary because it is outside of your comfort zone. Trying to figure these out is tough. Acknowledge the feeling that comes in when you implement new ideas and try to figure out why you’re having these feelings.

As you’re coming on this journey with us, understand that we are all works in progress and aspiring to be better. It’s not going to be helpful for us to be judgemental of others in the process. We come at this from the learner’s mind, completely fresh. We have to figure out what our target is before we can aim at it!

We have three children, Ollie is 7, Ezra is 5, and August is 1 and a half. Our days are pretty simple. We wake up and everyone does what they want for the day, with some negotiation. Our goal is that people in our family will be spending time doing things that they are intrinsically motivated to do, as much as possible. We do this in order to hopefully raise kids who use the freedom they have to pursue the things that motivate them and what helps them reach their goals in life.

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